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Soviet Kiev tour
Tours - Kiev theme tours Soviet Kiev tour

Duration 2-3 hours

WW2 museum, Lenin's statue...

Best to combine with

WW2 museum tour

     Ukraine was the part of USSR for 69 years. Soviet regime left it’s marks and relics all over Ukraine, and Kiev still have a lot of them. The main thing to see on this tour - The World War 2 museum. This museum shows you not only the documentaries and lifestyle things of WW2, and the monumental statue of “Mother Motherland” but also it represents the ideological instruments that were widely used by Bolsheviks. During tour guests will also observe some examples of typical Soviet Union architecture, also statue of Lenin and many more.

     Duration of Soviet Kiev tour: 3 hours

     Soviet  Kiev tour can be provided on such languages: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Czech, Polish, Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew.

     Soviet Kiev tour can be arranged on soviet retro car (only for 1-3 pax). To order tour please call us on 38 044 222 79 57, or write on