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Saint Vladimir's Cathedral
Sights - Kiev churches and cathedrals - Saint Vladimir's Cathedral

Official name: Saint Volodymyr's Cathedral
Adress: Kiev, Taras Shevchenko boulevard, 20
Built: 1862
Main information:

     Saint Volodymyr's Cathedral (Volodymyrsky Cathedral, Vladimir’s cathedral) - is an acting Orthodox cathedral in the central part of Kiev. It’s a mother cathedral of Ukrainian Orthodox church of Kiev Patriarchy.


     The first stone for constructing a cathedral was laid in 1862. But the decision of building a new huge church in Kiev was proposed by the Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow in 1852 to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the baptism of Kievan Rus by prince Volodymyr (Vladimir) the Great of Kiev (St. Vladimir). During almost 10 years was assumed a sum of 100 000 rubles, which was a pretty huge amount of money for those days and funds was gathered fro all over Russian empire.

     The external design and interior of the cathedral was made in the neo-Byzantine style.  Construction of the Cathedral of St. Vladimir lasted 30 years and ended only in 1896. There were several architects working on the construction of cathedral but the final version of the exterior and interior design belongs to the Alexander Beretti. Cathedral has seven cupolas and the height of the cross on main dome is 49 meters.

     The facade of the cathedral is paved with mosaic made by masters from Venice. The  main entrance to greet all the guests poured in bronze image of Princess Olga and Prince Vladimir. St. Vladimir's Cathedral was painted and decorated of such outstanding artists as Vasnetsov, Vrubel and Nesterov. Style of the temple contains the idea of r03;r03;saving people, which can be understood by subjects from the Bible, according to figures of the holy martyrs. The most outstanding and main composition in the temple - sculpture of the Virgin and the Child. The iconostasis is made of marble of different colors.
     Saint Vladimir’s Cathedral went into stagnation with the establishment of Bolshevik’s rule in Kiev. Before the start of WW2 Cathedral was closed and turned into the museum of religion and atheism. After the war ended cathedral was reopened and since remained continually open as a church what was very unusual for communist’s times. Saint Volodymyr’s cathedral was one of the few working churches in USSR that could be freely visited by tourists and citizens.

Interesting facts:

Construction of the Vladimir's Cathedral took twenty years.

From 1929 to 1944 in the Cathedral  was situated Museum of
anti-religious propaganda

Since 1944, St. Vladimir's Cathedral was one of the few existing churches of Kiev to the attainment of independence of Ukraine

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