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Golden Gate in Kiev
Sights - Golden Gate - Golden Gate in Kiev

Official name: Golden Gate in Kiev
Adress: Kiev, Volodymyrska street, 40-а
Built: 1037
Main information:

    Golden Gate in Kiev is an architectural monument of period of Kievan Rus and  the reign of Yaroslav the Wise (11th century). Golden Gate in Kiev is truly a unique structure, and “must see” sight. Since ancient times the Golden Gate served a defensive function, included in the whole architectural complex, along with St Sophia Cathedral.


     According to the common version, Golden Gates were constructed in the 1017-1037 years A.D. Serving as the main entrance to Kiev, Golden Gates were the place to solemnly met foreign ambassadors and princes. Initially the Golden Gate were a tower of 2 layers with the entrance,  but subsequently it were attached to the wall. At the top of the gates were built a wooden church, decorated with mosaics, frescoes, gilded dome. It is a gilded dome that spawned the name of the Golden Gates.

Golden Gate in Kiev on the old engraving

Golden Gate in Kiev on the old engraving 


     After almost the total annihilation of Kiev in 1240 by the invasion of Batu Khan the part of Golden Gates were turned into ruins. Nevertheless even being partially destroyed Golden Gates remained the main entrance to the town until the 18th century. In the middle of 18th century, what remains of the Golden Gate was covered with earth and beneath it lay until 1832, when  the measures were taken and the excavations and restoration of gates began. Still, Golden Gates on the whole were completely restored only in the 20th century in the 1970s when the government decided to completely renovate one of the main attractions in Kiev and to revive its former glory.

Ruines of Golden Gate before the reconstruction - 1950-th

Ruines of Golden Gate before the reconstruction - 1950-th


     In 1982, the Golden Gates were completely rebuilt as an exact likeness of the former ancient gate through images preserved in Suzdal and Novgorod. The latest design of the gates that were built over the ancient masonry, has been preserved and has the form of a stone fortress tower with battlements. The height of the surviving wall reaches a height of 10 m. The arches rest on a set of basic and powerful pilasters.

     Nowadays inside the gates is situated the museum of Golden Gates of Kiev and also some miniature models of medieval Kiev

Interesting facts:

During the Middle Ages the Golden Gate of Kiev was the main entrance to Kiev. This status remained until the 18-th century

Hordes of Batu could not break through the Golden Gate in Kiev

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