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House of Chimeras Kiev
Sights - Kiev's architecture - House of Chimeras Kiev

Official name: House of Chimeras Kiev
Adress: Kiev, Bankovaya stret, 10
Built: 1902
Main information:

     One of the most notable and interesting building in Kiev - The House of Chimeras. Marvelous building is located in the heart of the city in a few dozen meters from the presidential palace in Pechersk district.


     House was built in the 1901-1903 by prominent architect Vladislav Gorodetsky. Architect was constructing house for himself so he put all his heart and soul in this architectural masterpiece. 

House of Chimeras in Kiev - early 1900-th

House of Chimeras in Kiev - early 1900-th


     House of Chimeras in Kiev is mostly known by it’s bizarre exterior.  Building is decorated with the statues of chimeras - fabulous mystical creatures that coexist on the buildings with mermaids, dolphins, and various marine inhabitants. Here also “live” toads and water lilies, giant size rhinos, antelopes, eagles, lizards, elephants trunks were constructed as the rain gutters.

     The construction material that was used in the building of House with Chimeras was innovative for those times - it was cement. There were two reasons using cement for architect. Firstly new material was easy and flexible to use and extremely durable. Secondary Mr. Gorodetsky was an owner of cement factory and building such an extraordinary and beautiful building was a great advertisement for cement. 

     As for the interior of house it’s also decorated with taste and expensiveness. Stairwells are equipped with a lamp in the form of a huge catfish. Stucco on the ceiling is shaped like an octopus, and the ships that go to in the style the sea theme.

Interior of the House of Chimeras

Interior of the House of Chimeras


     House of Chimeras was reconstructed in 2003 - 2004. Almost every wall, floor, flooring had been restored and updated. Nowadays the House with Chimeras is the second residence of the President of Ukraine and also serves for the reception of foreign delegations. To know more interesting facts about this architectural masterpiece visit one of our Tours through Kiev

Interesting facts:

At the time of construction of the house new material was used - concrete

Gorodetsky was an avid hunter, this is what prompted the creation of Hobie such unusual exterior

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