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Kiev opera house
Sights - Kiev's architecture - Kiev opera house

Official name: Kiev opera house
Adress: Kiev, Volodymyrska street, 50
Built: 1867
Main information:

     Kiev opera house - one of the popular attraction that hosts most beautiful voices in Europe.


      The official date of establishment of Kiev Opera group is summer of 1867, it was third oldest opera group of Ukraine.

     The first performance of Kiev opera group was made in the City theatre building (constructed in 1856) in the autumn of 1867, and the first performance of Kiev troupe was made a city holiday.

     On the February 1896 on the morning performance the fire erupted in the Kiev City theatre form the unextinguished candle and just in few hours building was almost fully destroyed.

Illustration of a fire in a Kiev's Opera house in 1896

Illustration of a fire in a Kiev's Opera house in 1896


     The Kiev city council announced an international design competition for the building of a new Kiev Opera house involving architects from many countries: Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden.  In February 1897 jury for the capital's social architects announced its decision: first place went to a project of the St. Petersburg Academician Victor Shrotera. This was a well-known artist specializing in the design of theaters, and his works still adorn St. Petersburg, Tbilisi, Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk. 

Opera house in Kiev on the postcard - beginning o 20-th century

Opera house in Kiev on the postcard - beginning o 20-th century


     The solemn opening of new Opera House building in Kiev took place on September 29 in 1901. It was a performance of cantata Kiev by composer Wilhelm Hartweld and a presentation of the opera Life for the Tsar by M. Glinka.

     New exterior of building was constructed and designed in Neo-Renaissance style, interior of Opera house - in a classical style called Viennese Modern. The most outstanding part of the construction - is the Opera stage that is one of the largest in Europe and achieved great engineering standards of those days. ). Initially, the auditorium was designed for 1267 seats, and the gallery viewers are forced to use a separate entrance so as not to disturb the audience and the orchestra lodges.

Opera Housein Kiev  - 1970 year

Opera House in Kiev  - panorama 1970 year


     With the establishment of Soviet regime in Kiev Opera House continued to play a significant role in Kiev’s cultural life and its role is high in nowadays. Find more interesting information about lifre of Kiev's Opera during our tours of Kiev.

Interesting facts:

In 1911 in the building of the Kiev Opera was mortally wounded Stolypin
During the Second World War in occupied Kiev opera house was held a celebration due to Hitler's birthday. Soviet troops overthrew the bomb in an opera, it has broken dome, but fell and did not explode

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