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Besarabsky Market
Sights - Bessarabsky market Kiev - Besarabsky Market

Official name: Besarabsky Market
Adress: Kiev, Bessarabska square, 2
Built: 1912
Main information:

     The Besarabsky Market (Besarabskyi rynok, or simply Besarabka) - famous Kiev indoor market and also a great architectural building in the center of Kiev in the beginning of the central Khreschatyk street on Bessarabska square.


     The square on the modern area appeared in Kiev in the end of 18-th century and first time served as a horse station. Then hear began to rise a market with the first merchants originated form Bessarabia (modern Moldova).

Bessarabsky market on the postcard - beginning of the 20-th century

Bessarabsky market on the postcard - beginning of the 20-th century


     The market building was constructed in 1910-1912, features 896 square metres (9,640 sq ft) of market space.

     Nowadays Kiev citizens and guests can find anything they want to hear - fresh strawberry in winter, black caviar and Ukrainian salo and many more. Bessarabsky market is one of the main Kiev's sight and a part of many Kiev tours

Interesting facts:

Bessarabian market was the first covered market in Kiev
Bessarabian market was originally equipped with a powerful refrigeration system of the time that was a great technological innovation. This installation was placed under and is there to this day

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